• So, what's the explanation this time? Normally guys that look like the result of crossbreeding the cast of Napoleon Dynamite with a cantaloupe are incapable of securing cooter of this quality. I'm open to suggestions. []

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  • Fart assaults, bitch slappings, - I thought I've seen it all when it comes to Internet prostitution. And once again, I was dead fucking wrong.

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  • I'm gonna be that guy: Anyone know her cam name? Or if she's made other videos? Specifically ones without Borat's inbred cousin whose idea of teh sexy times is maintaining an erection softer than a bowl of oatmeal? thx

    Date: 12/20/17 Views: 167,301 Category:

  • Watching girls live off the pocket change of degenerates usually sucks, but it's not without perks. I once saw a girl single-handedly . But as far as precious memories go thats all up to these Jezebels.

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  • ha ha ha

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  • Increasingly questionable vid of a threesome that picked the wrong day to be recorded without sound. Don't worry tho, I'm a pro. And it's my personal opinion that at least 2 of the participants regularly use Midol and Tampax.

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  • She seems like a cool chick. The type that'd carve her name into the hood of your car if you missed a text, or volunteer a rimjob if your Reddit post gets 0 upvotes. But her taste in the opposite sex species? Fucking hell.

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  • A lottta girls do a lotta desperate shit to keep their accounts overflowing in tokens... but putting a price ($150 lol) on your dignity, just to keep buttsludge69 amused? That's a level of hoe I hope I never meet IRL.

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  • Not since using that glory hole in a Carl's Jr. bathroom have I witnessed a girl with such brilliant multitasking ability. She's got grace man. Know who doesn't have grace? . Home Depot that hoe, jack to this.

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  • Feminist hair color without the feminist dick-hating. Not a bad piece of flib flab. Would I take her out on a date to Wendy's? No. Do I want to use her vaginal utopia to power an indoor slip and slide? Hell to the fucking YES.

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  • Relatively cute face. She could almost pass for Olivia Wilde's asshole. Unfortunately her twat is producing more annoying content than a Buzzfeed article. I can smell the fuckin Pecorino Romano cheese from here.

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  • I guess deepthroating isn't considered challenging when you have the dimensions/texture of a vienna sausage. Lesson learned: Never try to impress a girl that's probably used a live bear cub as toilet paper. #russia

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  • Incestual Behavior: A practice commonly reserved for degenerate parents that want a hobby in between cashing disability checks and watching the Indy 500. The daughters are ALWAYS beat. This is the sole exception.

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  • Those deflated hacky sacs tits look pretty seasoned for a 19-year-old girl. That aside, I give this a cordial 4.5 boners up. Basically the hottest thing I've seen since The Canyons with a freshly rehabbed Lindsay Lohan.

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  • My cock might snap itself off and commit ritual suicide if this lasted one minute longer. The English vocabulary lacks proper adjectives to describe it, so I'll give an analogy instead: 10% Justin Bieber, 90% feel the bern.

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  • Look out, this lady has a breaking point. She's also bad at repressing memories. Keep these 2 crucial details in mind, for it's the closest to a clue you're going to get as to WTF is wrong with this unhinged cunt butler.

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  • But check out dem titties tho. Looks like she was gifted with both size and resistance to gravity. Fake melons of a similar caliber would set the average girl back about 10k. That's nearly 273 rimjobs in whoreconomics. Yikes.

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  • She's been gifted the oral capacity of a Meghan Trainor fan, yet keeps her chin count to a solid '1'. Perks: a.) balls-deep is standard b.) forgo any and all application approval for anything, ever c.) all the above. .

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  • Basically the most sexually perplexing thing I've seen since the new trailer, starring Casey Jones not sodomizing Megan Fox with a hockey stick. Which was about 7 whole minutes ago.

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  • Flashing strangers - It's the quintessential stepping stone to becoming camwhore alumni. Most have little issue giving a guy named Joseppi his hardest erection since the bicentennial. But this girl has a new approach

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  • This is XXX_Diamant. A legend in her own right when Romanian girls ruled the cam game. This history lesson shows us what incurable daddy issues look like... except this visual's got wood. Quite literally I'm afraid.

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  • See that face? You know that face. It's the 11 straight days of constipation just ended and now I need a new toilet face. But in this case the cause is less addiction to swiss cheese, more all-you-can-stab seafood buffet.

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  • Guess he figured once the sound of MFC pocket change was heard, his cock would transform from Twizzler to the sword of Excalibur. TIP: It doesn't. And his hefty honey abandons ship faster than a gym elliptical lvl 1.

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  • Deebo gets shown the fuck up by the most impressive white snake seen since the hair metal renaissance of the 1980's. Neato... but if he ever wants to visit her poopoo cabin he's gonna need optimism, and a crowbar.

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  • It's refreshing to know the whole 'surprising immigrants with your naked body' thing isn't limited to Indian men and women that consider cheese doodles a staple food in their diet. This bitch is the Bono of naked freebies.

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  • Fire up League of Legends at any given time and you're sure to be communicating with a post-250 pounder that thinks Pop Tarts are a food group. Say hi to the exception. She's like Olivia Munn... except interesting.

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  • DOMINO EFFECT: she goes 2fast2furious on her clitoris > sound alerts boss > surprise confrontation almost makes her give birth to a Hershey's special dark bar. Find her where she bills herself as a cool 55lbs.

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  • Ladies: Break out the Spider-Man Trapper Keeper and a pen cuz it's note-taking time. Men: Make room in the bookmarks for a chick that uses all orifices like a foot locker between flights from Costa Rica to the US and A.

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  • I've seen girls do a lot of desperate shit just to keep their MFC accounts submerged in tokens... but putting a price ($200 lol) on your dignity to keep buttsniffer69 entertained? That's a level of slut I hope I never meet.

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  • Take your average Dress Barn cashier and weaponize her with the greatest features of a girl from Detroit (6-layer deep ass and... yeah, small list) and this is the result. Apply all mayonnaise-based lubricants necessary

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