• Margery & her genetics have some fucking explaining to do. Personally, I think she should find a way to increase size by at least 30%. Right around Triple-K cups is when those disability benefits should start kicking in. #$$$

    Date: 12/28/17 Views: 148,577 Category:

  • See that look on her face at the 0:43 mark? That's the aw shit, i shouldn't be sucking off guys without keeping some nearby" look. HAHA

    Date: 12/23/17 Views: 140,903 Category:

  • Charli Maverick. aka a rookie with the kind of booty-o's you'd crawl through broken glass to be farted on by. She shot like 10 scenes, than hauled that mountain of ass right back to the trailer park she crawled out of. #missyou

    Date: 12/13/17 Views: 168,667 Category:

  • Kinda like the Jigsaw franchise, this went from intriguing to 'it's time to stop' pretty damn quick. Tipping point involves a vaginal evacuation story told in the most soothing voice I've heard since Bob Ross. 10/10, would fap again.

    Date: 11/01/17 Views: 129,997 Category:

  • Disregard the misleading thumbnail, you'll soon understand it's objective. This is honestly the most baffling shit I've seen since watching Inception on 2 bars of Xanex. Let it be known: eFukt officially got one-upped today.

    Date: 10/17/17 Views: 222,631 Category:

  • I'm all for breaking boundaries, but a little caution should be advised. When trying special team plays you saw on the Internet, it's best to practice first. PROOF: The 12 pack of being Amazon-prime'd to my house.

    Date: 10/12/17 Views: 204,126 Category:

  • Don't let that lack of muscle tone fool you: She's a protein assassin. We all have a calling in life... and after skull-fucking the basic multiplication skills out of herself, I think we all know what her future holds. ยป .

    Date: 08/19/17 Views: 186,492 Category:

  • Starts off as a BJ vid, but like me during The Mummy remake, it lasts about 27 seconds. From then on it's all pleasure. And by 'pleasure' I mean whiplash so violent u'll be amazed she can feed herself without FEMA gettin involved.

    Date: 06/27/17 Views: 180,401 Category:

  • To label him a 'minute man' would be the compliment of the decade. Betty Lou Lynn can't even shift into 4th gear before getting splattered. 1 Mexican avalanche after another, and he's spazzing out like a white girl at Coachella.

    Date: 04/22/17 Views: 235,758 Category:

  • This is pretty damn cool. And I don't mean 'haha cool' like when Rosie O'Donnell claimed to be a female. This woman is focused, disciplined and can grease the shaft like she's doing a double shift at Jiffy Lube. #KEEPER

    Date: 02/16/17 Views: 212,889 Category:

  • We're only two weeks into 2017, but I feel confident in my assessment of her particular set of skills & 4 outta 5 pornographic connoisseurs would agree. You know what that means? 1 of them is a fucking idiot. That's what.

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  • She twerks like her uterus is having a seizure until dude blows 3-cheese Velveeta... then continues. Chances of feeling this IRL? Zero. But the jealousy is legit. Some srs physics happening on that ass. How the fuck...

    Date: 01/02/17 Views: 295,259 Category:

  • For a good 24 hours people were treating this misfit like that dress nobody knew the color of. is it 1 girl? is it 2 girls? will either of them trade Arby's coupons for pictures of their soggy juice wallet?. Spoiler: It's a duo.

    Date: 12/20/16 Views: 164,866 Category:

  • This girl's vageen suffers more abuse than a stolen credit card in the hands of an African American at Chukchansi Gold Casino. But it's her cheek bones that get the real workout. Additional WUT 10:09 mark.

    Date: 11/04/16 Views: 310,601 Category:

  • LIFE LESSON #428: If your name ends in Gomez, Garcia or Gonzales - keep the braces in your mouth and stay the fuck away from this guy. The 50 pesos paycheck is temporary. A disfigured esophagus is forever, BROTHER.

    Date: 10/14/16 Views: 257,619 Category:

  • CGI? Butt implants? Life-long addiction to Baconators? I don't give a single fuck. Just imagine her spreading eagle and doing the The Galloping Horse on your Kosher pickle. The ejaculatory damage would require FEMA.

    Date: 08/20/16 Views: 231,996 Category:

  • Fat tits gravity has no effect on? Zero gag reflex? More than 73% female? She nailed all 3 check boxes on my wife list. Out of the way gentleman, me and the $18 I have left on this IHOP gift card will take it from here.

    Date: 07/08/16 Views: 258,046 Category:

  • Kinda looks like Megan Fox at some angles, only she's stacked to the maximum and doesn't give me the urge to punch her in the taint every 12 seconds. In other words - say hello to the pinnacle of the female gender.

    Date: 07/04/16 Views: 155,264 Category:

  • This is the infamous 1 and only video of Megan Madsen. An over-privileged film student that for some reason decided to do a single porn flick 'for fun'... only to end up borderline autistic after an onslaught of climaxes.

    Date: 05/30/16 Views: 218,785 Category:

  • She's the Babe Ruth of knob gobbles. I thought I had a pretty extraordinary skillset after making it through a full episode of True Detective without stabbing myself in the face. It's diddly dick compared to this Olympian.

    Date: 03/22/16 Views: 265,078 Category:

  • At first I thought this was one of those Tom Savini prop videos where they hide a garden hose off screen and blast away like the Kremlin is on fire. Turns out it's legit. I crown u the Holly Holm of handjob pornography.

    Date: 01/27/16 Views: 193,547 Category:

  • The story of an overachiever and her epic battle with gravity. Lots of ways to bust your nuts here, along with a constant reminder that you'll never know satisfaction like this man. Collapsed fallopian tubes are guaranteed.

    Date: 11/08/15 Views: 244,663 Category:

  • There's something captivating about a girl that can inhale with the likes of Snoop Dogg. Her talent screams 'i volunteer on a farm to be near the horses'. Definitely ring material. Definitely first to go belly-button deep.

    Date: 10/04/15 Views: 356,054 Category:

  • This is pretty damn awesome. And I don't mean 'haha awesome' like when Janice Dickinson claimed Bill Cosby anyone raped her. This woman is focused, talented and can wax the shaft like her mentor's last name is Miagi.

    Date: 05/20/15 Views: 183,639 Category:

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